Have Sellers BANGING Down Your Door To Sell You Their Property By Using These Killer Squeeze Pages!

“Forget about tricky set-ups of your squeeze pages. It’s all been done for you, and optimised for the easiest and most profitable experience yet…”


Hey Real Estate Investors,


It’s Chris Cho , and i’ve jumped on here to offer you something special.

But before I do, let me ask a question: How freakin’ hard is it, getting a professional squeeze page set-up?

I run a web design company, called Philadelphia SEO (on top of being a real estate investor myself) and I’ve got real estate investors practically begging me for solid squeeze pages, something specific for THEM, They DO need something – the standard rubbish everyone is selling just isn’t working.








We’ve been making websites & squeeze pages for real estate investors but there’s too many investors who need their squeeze pages set up and there’s so much we can do with only me and my small team of 5.

So me and my team have come up with an incredible customizable WordPress theme, including squeeze pages designed for real estate investors, with options for both buyers AND sellers!

Everything included with this wordpress theme is fully customizable, and directly targeted for your prospects – so you’re not getting something boring or generic – it’s tailored just to suit you.






Like I said, my investor friends have been complaining that the hardest part is getting that pesky page set up. Well, I’ve made this package SO easy to use, you won’t have any problems using it. Hell, a 3 year old could do this stuff, seriously.

It’s basically point, click and it’s sorted. Then all you have to do is write a bit of text in, and you’re good to go!

This package is like a gold-mine for investors – I’ve already had great feedback from people who’ve used it:


I have had mine set up and getting leads into it! Thanks so much! Tina Houston
I Love the squeeze page design! It’s neat and powerful at the same time! Easily put together and WordPress friendly! I definitely will purchase more in the future because of the variety they have! Brad Taylor
Chris made a great looking website for me, it’s professional and I am excited to start advertising it. The squeeze page was affordable and I believe will be a very effective way to generate leads. Everything has been taken care of for me by him and his team, they are very easy to work with. Thanks Chris! Richard Price


I love real-estate, and I know how much the niche needs this – my time’s limited as it is, so I decided to come up with something that would help real-estate investors like you massively, while not adding any more work onto your plate.

You’re going to pay $67 for 10+ designs – that’s $6.70 each – that’s a cup of coffee each. Consider this: If you were to hire me right now, you’d be paying me between $250-$500 just for ONE squeeze page.


I’ll let you do the math there.



Let me sum up what you get, and what it’s going to do for you:



  • WordPress theme, with almost a dozen different options! Quick, easy and simple. No fuss, no hassle. Just easy installation and quick set-up.
  • wp-theme-img
  • 10 completely unique opt-in page designs. They’re all killer – cliché term, but seriously; they all work like crazy. Buy them and try them – you’ll see what I mean when your customers are emailing you fan mail.
  • page-designs-img
  • Fully customizable footers (10 designs in total), with virtually unlimited colors to choose from. Never worry about running out of choice – whatever their brand or logo, you’ve got something to complement them.
  • fully-customizable-img
  • Completely user-friendly -it’s all made with WordPress. Just click and install – as simple as that.
  • user-friendly-img
  • Absolutely SEO friendly. Don’t worry about angry customers at the bottom of the SERPS – everything’s made with SEO in mind. Get the customers, get the cash.
  • seo-friendly-img
  • Super Fast results. Hate the thought of waiting months for something to happen? Put these pages up, and watch your list explode!
  • As you’ve seen, it’s costing you virtually nothing. Any cheaper, and we’d be giving it away – we want people who buy this to have a seriously easy time of building their real-estate lists and taking away one of the BIG problems of real-estate.




Listen, I can’t make this any easier – trust me, I’ve tried. I’ve made this super easy, super-effective and I’m giving it to you. I want you to take this, get it set-up in 5 minutes, and have your professional squeeze page up and running right away.

Remember, there’s virtually no work involved – just take what I’ve made and use it. I promise you won’t regret it.




So click below right now, and grab this awesome package for the menial price of $67





Chris Cho chris@realestatesqueezepage.com